Monday 10th July 2017

Dear everyone, Be prepared for a negative post! I've officially been diagnosed with workplace stress. I've been trying so hard to find another job and so far no replies to any. I'm very disappointed in this because I had my CV professionally re-written and it's meant to double the amount of interviews you receive. Heh,… Continue reading Monday 10th July 2017


My Fears

I think now in 2017 we should be evolved enough to move past our fears. They were originally primal instincts to help us stay alive, part of our fight or flight response. In a world that's much more developed, what use is fear really? It contributes a significant amount of stress and worry to our every day lives. Part of me knows deep down that my fears are unjustified and uncalled for, but it doesn't stop me being scared. Every time I feel fear I try to be a little braver and see the logic in being afraid, but unless it's a harmful situation I really do think fear is redundant in our modern society.