Monday 10th July 2017

Dear everyone,

Be prepared for a negative post!

I’ve officially been diagnosed with workplace stress. I’ve been trying so hard to find another job and so far no replies to any. I’m very disappointed in this because I had my CV professionally re-written and it’s meant to double the amount of interviews you receive. Heh, that’s going well.

Home life, not much better. I live with my parents and pay the same amount of rent I could to get myself a small flat or bed share. I’m trying to wait until I get another job before seeing where I am money wise to see what I can afford, I want to live alone. Seems smart to me.

As you can guess I’m totally demoralised 🙂 This is from someone who tries hard to stay positive and see the ‘silver lining’. Over the last week I’ve been having problems with my dad. At first he said I was high-maintenance… he actually  meant because of the hours I work and it’s hard for me to do anything, but still,  he said it. Then he said my sister was his “#1 daughter”, which made me feel shit anyway. When I told them I was trying to sort my shit out to move out his first reaction was ‘we can’t afford to keep the house without you’. I’m sick to death of it, even the whole ‘sun shines out my sisters arse’ thing.

Ok, my sister. I actually have no problem with her, I get along with her fine. It’s how my parents treat us differently now I hate. Five or six years ago there was a massive family fall out because she was slagging them off on Facebook. January we all started talking again as if everything was suddenly ok. Now it’s like the second coming of Christ. The hell? Yes she has kids and I don’t, and I suppose that fills a void for them. But why do they go to any lengths to help my sister out and do that she wants but with my  I need to “book in advance” and only if they’re not doing anything for my sister on that day. Yes I’m jealous. I was there for them when she tore their hearts out.

So between work and home life I’m not having the best of times. I’m trying to put all my effort into studying and finding a new job so I can change my life, but that’s going shit. I’m taking 6 new courses relating to animals that are fully certified, hoping I can branch out into a new area if possible. I’ve finished my Employment Law course and now have that on my CV 🙂

Wish me luck,

Feeling the strain,



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