Saturday 17th June 2017

Dear readers & fellow bloggers,

May I just say… euuuggghhhh!

It’s been quite a hectic week. Job interviews, optician appointments, early mornings… bleh!

Ok, so the start of the week I was worried because on the Thursday before hand I received a phone call from a company I applied to. Of course, working night shifts I asked if they could ring back in about an hour (so I could compose myself you understand). Long story short they didn’t call back when they said they would. Friday came and went without a phone call. Closed Saturday. I rang on the Monday but no one picked up. Same for Tuesday. Wednesday I ring again, no answer… then twenty minutes later they ring back! Oh my what a wait! I had my first telephone interview. We arranged a second appointment for the next day before I started work and I had my second telephone interview with them… I now have to wait until (hopefully) Monday night latest to find out what happens next… have a succeeded in getting the final interview? Who knows?!

So yes, plenty of early mornings waiting for them calls lol.

Next… The opticians!

You need to know that I’ve been due for an appointment since March. March I couldn’t, I was in Scotland and then Belgium with OH. April was the hay fever (itchy eyes). May was bad rota’s, work was only giving us one week in advance and they were always fully booked! So I finally get lucky and get an appointment for yesterday.

You want to know the drama? What could possibly happen at a contact lens appointment? We discovered I had a cut in my eye right through the protective layer to the vulnerable bit. If ANY bacteria gets through I could get an infection straight away and (worst case scenario) go blind. Not bad for 27 years old, ey?

Either way they were very good, they gave me some fancy eye drops which healed it nicely. The side effect I suffered with (and currently still do) is dry eye. OMG how painful! They said after my emergency check up appointment to call straight away if there’s any pain, redness, or weeping. I was in that much pain I had tears in my eyes. I was at work when this happened and no one could cover for me. Luckily my manager was very nice today and covered for me :’) They whisked me straight in and discovered my pain, dizziness, and nausea was due to the dry eye! Can you believe it?! So yes, now I have normal eye drops to prevent them hurting lol.

It’s been a hell of a week.

OOO! Some good news though πŸ˜€ My garden is going well! I discovered rust on my fig bush/tree and pinched the infected leaves off πŸ™‚ I’ll be more careful now when I water it. My patio rose is thriving! I’m over the moon with it! It’s so nice to see the vibrant red flowers after wanting one for so long. The paper seed disks I planted in my boyfriends garden have started to shoot now πŸ˜€ I’m so happy that I decided to plant some in my hanging baskets too πŸ˜€ It’s my first time using this method πŸ™‚

Stay strong and wish me luck for Monday!

Amy x


How has your week been? What craziness has happened?? Any experience with similar eye problems? Tell me in the comments πŸ˜€


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